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Fair hunting and hunting justice

The Baobab Ranch is a family business and offers you a special kind of nature experience. Our name is derived from the Baobab tree. There are many myths and legends about the majestic baobab tree. Experience your dream of Namibia with us. We invite you to plan your vacation with us and promise you an unforgettable time in the south of Africa. With us you will discover

We, the Friederich family, have been living and working with the San (Bushmen) in northern Namibia since 1903. Because of our close connection with the San, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the fascinating culture of the Bushmen. Both Helmuth and Frank grew up in the San homeland and speak the Haiǁom language of the San fluently and are familiar with their culture.

Learn with us the many secrets of the Namibian bush and experience the diverse nature of our country. Our farm offers you a varied landscape. From the dense tree forest over palm islands to the open grass savannah, you will find everything the heart of a nature lover desires.

What we offer you

A feel-good atmosphere on our farm will make your stay in Namibia an unforgettable experience. From catering and accommodation to the individual activities, we are happy to take care of you and cater to your wishes. Just get in touch with us!

Baobab is the large baobab tree that is at home on the Baobab Game Ranch and Safaris and serves as a namesake. Perhaps the tree will tell you the secrets of the African bush and accompany you on a successful hunt with the San Bushmen.

You will certainly remember your hunt on our farm and other hunting concessions for a long time to come.

Experience an African hunt with us. With the knowledge and hunting experience of the specialists of the African bush and their secrets, the hunt will be an unforgettable experience for you. We have very high standards for fair hunting and hunting justice. We offer you a relaxed family environment in which ethical hunting and sustainable management of our game populations take center stage. Hunting on Baobab is something special, original and close to nature. We offer 6000 hectares of breathtaking scenery and a total of 30 000 hectares of hunting grounds.

  • Excellent game populations, diverse trophy offerings, strong & mature trophies
  • Specialized in antelope hunting, 30 different game species
  • Professional hunting management, high hunting ethics & hunting justice
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Individual and personal support from the provider, experience and tradition
  • Exclusive hunting / no double bookings / you and your hunting group have the hunting area reserved for you alone.
  • Unforgettable hunting experiences - exciting stalking hunts for mature, large trophies
  • Hunting ground - with spectacular scenery
  • Accompanying persons and family are very welcome
  • Comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine
  • Active members of the Namibian Hunting Association, NAPHA
  • International references are available
  • Foot stalking and hide hunting
  • Personal and individual support (German-speaking farmer family)
  • Hunting friendship
  • Unforgettable experiences
  • Primitive hunting (bow hunting)
Individual hunting

We tailor the hunt to your individual wishes. We do this according to your personal preferences and your physical condition. You can choose between stalking on foot or hunting from a hide. Old and mature trophy animals are hunted according to your wishes. Fair chase is very important to us, we offer you an unforgettable hunting adventure in harmony with nature. We exclude hunting from a car for ethical reasons.

Use the contact form and let us know your ideas so that we can provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience.

Hunting ground

Baobab Game Ranch is situated in the north of Namibia in close proximity to the impressive Etosha Pan and Rundu, the second largest town in Namibia. Our hunting area covers a diverse landscape. From the open veld to areas overgrown with silver grass, palm, bush and tree savannah, the hunting ground is home to a wide variety of game. Rivers cut their way through the barren landscape, leaving numerous waterholes that produce a colorful flora and fauna. The open expanse of the parkland is always a breathtaking sight.

Hunting season

The hunting season is from February 1st to November 30th every year. During this period, our hunting guides and specialists are at your disposal for your hunting adventures.

Hunting guide

Helmut, passionate host, master hunting guide and NAPHA member, will accompany you on your hunt with his well-coordinated team. For us, hunting is a team effort. Success depends on the entire team working together. That's why our experienced trackers and skinners are at your side with their exceptional skills. Our hunting dogs work quickly and effectively so that welded game can be shot in a manner appropriate to the hunter.

Baobab has well-trained and legally registered hunting guides. Thomas, Herero speaking guide and Gerson, one of the few qualified San hunting guides. We believe in quality service, fair chase and well managed, conservative hunting.

The game populations

In our hunting area we offer trophy hunting for eland, oryx, greater kudu, hartebeest, springbok, blesbok, mountain zebra, plains zebra, waterbuck, impala, giraffe, white-tailed wildebeest, blue wildebeest, warthog, bear baboon, lynx, black-backed jackal and leopard.

If you are interested in other game species, please contact us. We would be happy to organize a hunt for you in another hunting area to make your idea of a hunting adventure come true.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any further questions.


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